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Dispatch Service (Your Authority)

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About us and the process of coming onboard

Providing your Carrier Packet:
-Signed W-9
-Registration/Cab Card
-MC Authority
-Certificate of Insurance (Listing all coverages & breakdowns)
1. Physical Damage
2. Cargo
3. Bobtail
4. Liability
5. Adding our trailer (If renting a trailer from us)

What we do:
Here at Lula Logistics Inc. Our goal is to help you grow your business. Some Owner Operators deal with loads that are being double brokered and taking on runs that are negotiable on rates. That is not the case here. At Lula Logistics Inc. we make sure you have full access. From seeing the BOL and the complete Rate Confirmation directly provided by the customer to accepting the runs at the rate you are interested in. We provide a dispatch service for a charge of 7% of the gross value of the contracted rate between the carrier & customer as stated on the rate confirmation. We have our own network of customers and runs we can connect you with meaning we can find runs to your liking. For example, if you want to run from West (CA, AZ, OR, WA, CO) to the Midwest (MN, IA, OH) or even from West to the South (TX, AR, GA, FL) or East (NY, CT, PA) and vice versa, We can accommodate these runs. There is no force dispatch from our end, we will provide the runs available and if you're not interested. You can simply decline the load and wait for something better to come along. You run your own schedule. If you want to run once a week or be OTR 2-3 weeks at a time, we are able to meet your desired home time. We offer in-house mechanic services located at our yard here in Las Vegas, NV. We also have Truck & Trailer parking (Call for availability)

-We like to average $2+/mile for Owner Operators
-Owner Ops currently working with us are earning between $7k-$10k gross weekly
-The best course of action is to have a factoring company. Factoring companies are essential to have as an Owner Operator for many reasons and of them is being the customers we connect you with may have a payment term of 30 days+
-Factoring Companies pay you by the next day (Call for more information)
-Earn $200,000-$400,000 per year

Trailer Rental:
-We have trailers available to rent (Dry Vans & Reefer)
-$750/mo, can be charged at the end of the month or first of the month
-Minimal Deposit is required (Please call for more details)
-Other options may be available if you cannot put down the deposit. (Call for more details)
-We will have you do a full trailer inspection (Tires, Inside, Outside & Mechanical)
-Should anything need to be fixed, you will report it to us and we will fix it up to DOT Standards
-After an agreement has been reached, we will have you sign the trailer rental agreement
-You will have to add the trailer onto your insurance which will have to be covered for $20K-$40K (Depending on how new the trailer is) and list us as Loss of Payee

Factoring Companies:
-As previously stated, factoring companies are essential to have as an owner operator. Here is a list of the benefits
-Free unless you use them. Meaning you can have an account and until you use their services, there is no charge.
-Easy to set up
-Mobile Friendly (App on your phone)
-Fuel Cards are provided
-Better Discounts on fuel
-Fuel Advancements are available (Say you accept a load but do not have the $ for fuel to get there, you can show them the Rate Confirmation for the Load you accepted and they will send you half of the rate upfront)
-Paid almost instantly or by the next day by sending them the completed BOL/Rate Confirmation which you will upload in their app
-Can take the Factoring Company with you anywhere! It opens up your network of businesses to work with.
-Eliminates the accounting side of your runs, they handle all paperwork and invoicing for you.
-Because we refer you, you can get a great rate and only be charged 2%-3% for using their services.
-The money goes straight to your personal bank account

What we charge:
-7% for the dispatch services of contracted rate is charged at pick up of your run
-$750/Month if you rent a trailer

Call or Text us today!
Recruiting: (702) 861-7850
Joe Lula Office Manger): (352) 346-6219
Office Hours 7am-3pm


  • License

  • Signed W-9

  • Registration/Cab Card

  • MC Authority

  • Certificate of Insurance (Listing all coverages and breakdowns)

    • Physical Damage

    • Cargo

    • Bobtail

    • Liability

      • (Trailer added if renting from us & listing us as Loss of Payee)

  • Factoring Company (We can help you if you do not have one)

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